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lgbtq queer artist

lgbtq merch artist

Welcome! I'm Kel, a queer & disabled artist based in Ohio, USA. I create work that is witchy and queer, like me! I love exploring a variety of subject matters for my work, and take pride in producing merch for people to enjoy and keep with them. I value self expression, diversity, and empowering others.

I've been running my shop on the side since 2015, but never gave it the full attention it deserved as I was a student at the time. But in 2020 I graduated as a double major in Community Arts and Information Technology, and after months of failing to find a more traditional job, I decided to pour into my work full time.

This is what I love to do. For a long time I felt estranged from others due to various differences, and now I have a love for creating keepsakes and accessories as a reminder that you are never alone, and you are worth celebrating.  

lesbian celestial goddess enamel pin  trans sticker  

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